How to Train Your Aim on PC Games

How to Train Your Aim on PC Games

It is important to learn how to aim and shoot effectively if you want to have fun in FPS (first-person shooter) games. Through a series of simple exercises, you can quickly improve your aim.

Regardless of how many legendarily adorned weapons you possess, your skill is what counts. Especially if you plan on spending that much money on Valorant or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), make sure to improve your Kills/Deaths/Assists (KDA) record. The following guide explains how to sharpen up your aiming skills in order to perfect your gameplay.

Practice with Right Aim Trainer

In first-person shooter games, aiming and shooting are the basics. If you work on your accuracy and reaction time constantly, you'll have a greater chance of winning every game. There are many programs available for practicing your aim besides multiplayer games. Aim Master from SteelSeries and Aim Lab from Steam are popular examples.

Your body and your reflexes are trained for aiming with aim trainers, without the risk of death. Aim training purely aims and shoot unlike games such as Valorant and CS:GO. Shooting and refining your aim without having to panic while fighting or wait until you are revived while dead allows you to improve your skills.

When choosing an aim trainer, choose one that allows you to adjust the settings to simulate the recoil of the guns in the game you are practicing. A versatile training task is also important to consider. There are some games with no reloading and excessive vertical movement, such as Apex Legends. CS:GO and Valorant, on the other hand, are more horizontal and include recoil.

Practice in-game

An FPS will likely have a training or practice mode, just like most games. You should spend some time exploring these game modes to learn the game and the guns in it as these can help you improve your gameplay.

Additionally, you will become more familiar with the available weapons, and you may discover which ones suit you best. Aim trainer applications can be supplemented and perhaps even replaced by in-game practice modes.

Positioning correctly

You can significantly increase your chances of survival by changing your perspective. Shooters can have trouble aiming at your head if they know how to position themselves on the map effectively. To further improve your positioning and survivability, pre-aiming and jiggle-peeking should become second nature to you.

Pre-aiming is a strategy used by pro players to clear corners out of the way. Before moving into an area where an enemy might set up an ambush, you should position your crosshair at an angle. This way, you are more likely to survive because you can shoot back immediately if the enemy attacks.

Nicolai "GLACE" Jensen demonstrated in one of Gamerzclass episodes how pre-aiming can help you reach your next objective safely by anticipating your opponent's position.

Many players in professional scenes have adopted this strategy. Even if you don't have a choice but to retake an area, if you have time, always clear all possible enemy angles. Pre-aim from the right position while remaining still and holding an angle.

Jiggle-peeking, on the other hand, allows you to see where your opponents might be. You can better strategize your next move by taking a quick peek at an area, whether you're on the offensive or defense team.

Practicing jiggle-peek will help you stay one step ahead of your opponents. During this movement, your aiming angle needs to be maintained as you move rapidly to and from a line of sight. In the case of a sniper waiting for you from an angle, and you want to gather intelligence, this approach works well.

Set your Crosshairs at Eye Level

While it's the most challenging of all the aiming techniques, it's certainly the most rewarding as well. You can find cheap tricks online such as aimbots, but what fun is that? These tools shouldn't be used if you don't want to be banned for life.

A routine can be used to practice instant headshots. Throughout the map, keep your crosshairs consistently at head level to kill your enemies with a flick of the wrist. Regardless of where you're aiming, your level of accuracy will always be dependent on your location.

Whenever you are climbing a stairway, adjust your crosshair so that you expect to see an enemy's head.

First Aim, then Shoot

When you first hear shots being fired at you, you may panic, especially if you're a newbie. In any case, this should not be an excuse to just hold the trigger and brush over your opponent's location. It could make all the difference if you take the time to aim your crosshair at the enemy's head or chest.

You will eventually develop muscle memory for where to aim. Because there are varying horizontal and vertical angles on every map, each map will feel different at first, but you'll get used to it. You will become second nature at taking headshots with enough practice.

Wall Banging

Shooting through walls, for example, is a common feature of FPS games. If you are familiar with the objects on the map you are playing at, this can be a game-changing strategy.

Realistically, the bullet penetration depends upon the weapon's caliber and the target's composition. The average pistol and rifle can often penetrate lighter objects, such as wood. Concrete and metal can be smashed by high-powered guns like AWP and machine guns.

Positioning yourself optimally begins with knowing which spots are good for wall-banging. Then you can determine what aiming angle will give you the greatest advantage.

Learn how to spray

I thought it was just a matter of aiming and clicking, right? At first glance, the shots may appear accurate, but in actuality, the weapons' recoil sometimes causes them to miss the target.

It is important to remember that every weapon in an FPS game has some level of recoil attached to it. Therefore, learning the spray pattern of the weapon you want to use is definitely a good idea. 

If your FPS game offers a target shooting mode, you should take the time to practice recoil control and spray pattern as this will dramatically improve your aim.

You Need the Right Tools

The sensitivity of your mouse determines how accurate you are. Consequently, you have to choose the DPI setting you are most comfortable with. If you are having trouble controlling the game using low sensitivity, then you can also play with the sensitivity adjustments in-game. Be sure to check how the gadget feels in your hands as well.

You'll also need a comfortable gaming chair. You should also arrange the rest of your setup ergonomically, especially your monitor. Your movements will be comfortable and safe in this way. It is necessary to have enough elbow or wrist room when playing FPS. In order to avoid back problems, you should keep your screen at eye level.

You may not need the most expensive equipment. The quality of the build and functionality are among the most important features that will affect your gameplay. In particular, FPS gamers prefer light mice.

Perfection Comes from Practice

Your crosshair placement is the most important factor in successfully shooting down your enemies. Aiming the crosshair over the opponents during crossfire doesn't mean just making sure the target is there. As well as that, you can choose the best areas to aim at if you predict your enemies' movements.

When you combine all these tips with sheer dedication and consistent training, you will be able to improve your caliber and become top fragging for your team.